About the Artist

 For the past twelve years, of my twenty-two years, I lived in Macon, Georgia. In December of 2019, I graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Studio Art Minor. In my opinion, y'all is an essential word in the English language and winters should rarely bring snow. 

Do you have a memory that your would like to memorialize with a custom painting? I would love to make your dream a reality. Email petersonmckenzie67@gmail.com to commission a painting. 

"Self Portrait in a Mask" Pen and sharpie on paper, 2020. 

I remember the first sketchbook I filled in its entirety. The paper was various shades of blacks and browns and I drew with a white colored pencil. That weekend, a snow-storm had stranded my family in Utah, so I drew the fantastic rock formations and landscapes around me. Natural landscapes continue to inspire my work. I have 10 years of academic training as an artist in a variety of subjects and mediums. 

In 2016, I studied boats as an embodiment of the human soul. I depicted haunting scenes, like the Titanic, a Transatlantic Slave ship, and Pearl Harbor. The Ancient Egyptians built boats that never touched water but were intended to carry the owner to the afterlife. An original work of art based on this idea, named, “Egyptian Burial Boat” was my first painting sold. 

"Egyptian Burial Boat " Acrylic Paint and patterned paper on canvas,  2016


My work considers the tense moment between expectations and reality. Have you ever experienced an awe-inspiring landscape only to find the pictures on your phone fail to communicate the grandeur? By capturing the image with paint, I try to put back some of the wonder into these moments.